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Aerial Camping Discover Campgrounds from the Sky

Aerial Camping is a community-driven photo sharing service geared toward aerial photography and camping. Aerial Camping offers ratings and reviews for campgrounds, directions, open-community posting of photos and much more. Users can like and comment on user-submitted photos, create hashtags and even mention and reply to other users. Aerial Camping utilizes Yelp to easily find and create campgrounds.

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Aaron Wright Founder

Founder and Director of Wrights Creative Services, L.L.C., and developer of the Aerial Camping site, service and mobile applications.









The Aerial Camping model can easily be applied to other interests, such as real estate or any other social networking theme. If you are interested in creating your own social network, please feel free to contact us at

  • Android and iOS clients and PHP server code.
  • Upload Photos (with or without a caption) from client apps via PHP post.
  • Comment, Like, Flag Photos (replies, mentions and hashtags also supported).
  • Rate, Review Campgrounds.
  • Share Campgrounds (or whatever your model should support).
  • User registration and Account management.
  • Yelp API search results.
  • Bitly link shortening API.
  • "Latest" and "Featured" or "Top Rated" content.
  • Backend admin server and Stats management built in to the app and website.
  • Global messaging system for admins to users (shown on the dashboard of the app).
  • Beautiful UI animations and effects.
  • Technical Support and re-skinning available.
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