Frequently Asked Questions

The full-size photo dimensions are 800x800 when saved by the application; the thumb-size photo dimensions are 300x300.
The minimum iOS version is iOS 9.0.
The minimum Android version is 4.4 KitKat, API Level 19+.
Campgrounds are automatically featured based the amount of reviews and the average star rating. Campgrounds can also be manually featured by a Moderator.
At this time, we are only supporting Canada and the United States.
Users can only photos they have uploaded, regardless if they are the Campground moderator. To delete a Photo, navigate to the main Photo view and tap on the Trash icon, then confirm. This action cannot be undone and Photos will not be recoverable.
Your username will show in place of your real name when you have enabled Account Privacy under Account Settings. This also affects Photo Credits, Photo Comments and any other place your real name would show.
When Email Notifications are enabled, Aerial Camping will send a confirmation email when a new Campground is created, or when you post a new Photo. For privacy concerns, please see our Privacy Policy under Help, Legal.
To "LIKE" a Photo, simply navigate to the Photo view from a Campground and double-tap anywhere on the Photo. You will see double-heart icon appear and disappear. The Photo LIKES should be updated after a few seconds.
You can send Messages to other users by tapping on the Photo Credit section of a Photo. You will be presented with an option to Mention or to Send Message. This is currently the only way to compose a new Message to a specific user.

To Reply to a message from the Inbox, swipe on a message to the left and you will be presented with 3 options: Flag/Unflag, Reply, Delete. Tap reply to open the Message Composer.

To Reply from the Message Viewer, tap on the Arrow icon at the bottom of the screen on the tool bar.
Yes! Aerial Camping is available on both iOS and Android!

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